Katrina joins Instagram!

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After Facebook, you are going to be on Instagram too.

Yes, it’s going to be a lot of fun. Honestly, since I was a bit adverse to social media in the beginning, I probably overlooked the whole thing. Because once you build up something so big in your mind, you start building it up even bigger. Sometimes, you just have to jump into the deeper side of the swimming pool. You just have to have fun with it.

In today’s world, it’s important to have your voice, your individual space and get it out there. One argument is that actors don’t require it, but you will never be able to prove whether that point is right or wrong.

Have you started enjoying social media now?

I have realised it is actually quite fun and I probably could have joined it a long time ago. I think I would be enjoying it even more if I had joined it earlier, as I would have been in the full swing of things by now. I probably just took an approach and stuck with it without actually revisiting or analysing it to see if I really wanted to stick with it anymore. I like the idea of having one platform that is your personal connection to your audience.

A platform with which you share things that are in your control rather than audience seeing things via other people’s point of view, which mostly happens to be the media.

You have completed 12 years now in the industry. How has the journey been?

It would be very tough to define this journey. There are a 100 times when you feel inspired, that you are doing great work, and feel creatively satisfied. But then you also feel you are doing nothing — you feel frustrated, stuck and trapped, which, I think, everyone feels in every profession. As an actor living the fortunate life, sometimes we forget that this is just a job, since it’s so personal.

For me, the line, ‘the show must go on’ rings extremely true. As an entertainer, I think that’s what you do and deliver to the best of your ability. You bring something new, while trying to learn and embrace newer things and not just chase the outcome. Obviously, we would like to be great all the time, but we should concern ourselves with the process and what we are doing and creating at the moment.

Then, at the end of it, you will be assured that you have put everything that you could have into it [a film]. We should understand that our job is to enjoy the process and to deliver the best we can, and not to be concerned with the outcome.


Update: Tiger Zinda Hai

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Ali Abbar Zafar’s Tiger Zinda Hai, which opens for Christmas is already almost halfway done.

Says a source close to the film,

“We’ve finished 40 per cent of the film. Two lengthy schedules are over; three more schedules remain to be completed. We’ll complete the film in the next  four to  five months.”

Source: DNA

Katrina’s Krazy Koncoction!

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Katrina Kaif will be seen whipping up some food in Mini Mathur’s show, The Mini Truck.

Mini says, “I told Katrina before she came on the show that even if she could not cook, people would feel happy just watching beautiful face but funnily enough she turned out to be a pro at it. I know the kind of food she likes so we made fresh pancakes but an unusual one — with fresh coconut, maple syrup, ginger and chillies. Then she made a green smoothie for everyone which I call Katrina’s Krazy Koncoction. It has banana in it and she is having it these days as a health drink. The episode turned out to be amazing. People know her as an ice maiden and glam doll but in reality she is very sweet and quite fun and lively so you will get to see a very different side of her on the show. She has opened up quite a bit about her mom and sister as she was comfortable with us. Our in house cook had made cheese dosa as that’s Katrina’s fav dish.”

The show begins with the Katrina episode.

Source: DNA

Katrina, SRK, Alia in Aanand’s Next?

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Katrina-SRK-Alia-Rumor-AanandRai_FilmAanand Rai’s film with Shah Rukh Khan, where he plays a midget is supposed to go on floors later this month. The sets have been erected in Mumbai’s Film City and after a lot of discussions, Deepika Padukone decided to opt out of the film.

It would have been an interesting thing to watch DP along with her arch rival Katrina Kaif in the film. But we have to wait for someone to make it happen now. Deepika walked out, citing date issues as she has to complete Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati which is due for a November 17 release this year.

There were several speculations about who Aanand is casting in Deepika’s place. And it seems we have the answer now. It will mostly be Alia Bhatt. Yes, it will be a three lead character film – played by Alia, SRK and Katrina. While Kat and SRK are already on board, Alia is the one joining them.

A picture of Alia with SRK and Aanand has now gone viral on the Internet and this only proves that Alia is mostly the one they are in talks with. Aanand approached Anushka too but she’s also occupied with her other projects.

Like they say, a picture can say a thousand words. Isn’t the girl with SRK bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Bhatt girl? Well, well, well…

Source: DNA


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