Letter from Admin: Welcome

We are proud to re-launch a fansite for the most loved actress in Bollywood, Katrina Kaif. Last year we lost our original site (katrinakaiffan.org) & all the content that came with it. And after endless hours of contemplating whether or not to start a whole new site, we came to the conclusion that not only did we Katoholics deserve a fansite where we could get all content on Katrina, but that Katrina herself deserved a fansite made by dedicated fans.

This fansite may be run by us (KatrinaKaifFans.org Team) but all Katoholics are part of this large network. If we didn’t get the endless love and support for Katrina Kaif and making her fan following so strong through our networks, we wouldn’t have received the honor to promote the Queen through a larger scale like this. We hope to bring you the latest updates, pictures, and happenings on our shining star. And become a network that connect all fans together.

Your contributions made us what we are today and we hope to continue receiving love from all Katoholics, because in the end for us only one thing matters and that is our admiration,  Katrina Kaif.

And we can proudly say the fact that Katrina Kaif knows that we Kataholics exist here at KatrinaKaifFans.org as she was the first to hear about us, through a letter sent by us which she signed!

Much Love to Katrina Kaif & all Katoholics WORLDWIDE.

~ KatrinaKaifFans.Org Team 

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