Katrina is now on Facebook!


Link: www.facebook.com/KatrinaKaif

Katrina has just launched her very own Facebook page today, which is also her birthday.

Please give her loads of love on her first ever social media debut. We can’t wait to see Katrina finally interact and see the amount of love we Katoholics have for her.

After endless years of saying no to social networking sites & the same reply interview after interview regarding joining Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… Katrina has gifted us rather a pleasant surprise & gift by helping us come one step closer to her. This day will always be marked as a cherishable moment for all Katrina Kaif Fans.

Thank you Katrina! And we wish you a very Happy Birthday filled with tons of success, happiness, and joy. 

♡ Your Team from KatrinaKaifFans.Org

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