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Katrina Kaif turned a year older on July 16, and brought in her birthday with a private, star-studded bash on July 15. She admits that she “loves birthdays, balloons, partying hard, jumping around and having fun with friends and family”. Here, the actor who had a working birthday, and will soon fly to London (UK) , talks about her working birthday, focus on her personal life, and more.

Like last year, you had a working birthday this year too.
Yes (smiles). Honestly, I am working really hard on my new film (co-starring Sidharth Malhotra), which is in the dubbing stage. Plus, right before my birthday, there was work on the Facebook launch, which we did on July 16. So, now, I am on Facebook since Saturday. And a few weeks later, I will join Twitter and, perhaps, Instagram too.

Till now, you stayed away from social media completely. What made you join it now?
The best way to answer this is that the right time for everything is when you are ready. This is exactly what I felt this time. In my heart, I was just happy about doing it. Also, I was starting to feel that even though I am a star and a shy person, there are some things that are best said, and more importantly, are understood best when you say them. That kind of voice or that presence is what I was happy to have [with social media]. So, it seems this was the time I was ready to take this step.

Also, of late, you haven’t been seen around much, where have you been?
Where have I been? I am right here. Where have you guys been (laughs)?
In the past three years, you did only three films.
Yes, but in the past three years, I had other things that were a little more important to me. I think it was a natural phase to be in, and I was happy [giving attention to that phase].

For the past several months, your personal life has been in the focus?
This question is a bit easy for me to answer. It’s been this way for the most part of my career. So, it’s something that has always been covered in a parallel manner, along with my career. While work has been my main focus, there has always been certain coverage of my personal life, as is the case with most people [in the industry]. But in my case, it has been a little more or maybe more frequent that my personal life has been highlighted. But it’s okay. As they say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Now, as you join social media, will you be more visible?
I hope so (smiles), because I think that’s what the fun is. As I said, it felt like the right time (to join), and I am going to learn all the steps to understand how the space works. And that’s all the planning that I have done (laughs). There’s no other plan; I don’t have any strategy.
Social media has positives, but there are some negatives also…
Absolutely. It’s the same with everything in life. On some days, there are wonderful interviews or stories about you, on others, there are reports which make your blood boil. So there’s good and bad in everything we do. The same goes for social media too. Don’t engage with negativity, and interact only with people who are genuine, well-wishers or genuine supporters. It’s not like I have all the knowledge and experiences of social media. I have just started, so I will learn along the way.

Workwise, there’s a perception that Katrina has slowed down. How true it is?
Honestly, it’s my process of choosing films, and the way I have approached my work in the past few years. You have different phases and times in your life. There are different priorities that take precedence. That’s what makes the journey of life amazing. We all follow our hearts, and work where our passion and heart lies. At the moment, whatever projects I have, I am working with a lot of passion and working as hard as I can. So let’s see; as and when there are decisions to be made, I will do that. In terms of films I am currently in the process of finalising the projects I will work on next year. Hopefully, you’ll hear something exciting soon.

So, where has such a perception (you have slowed down) come from?
Every actor’s immediate perception is, of course, associated with his or her last film. The larger perception comes from the body of work that you build over the years, and where have you reached in life along with all the accumulative work. Of course, they didn’t do very well for me, but you got to look at it, accept it and try to see where you went wrong and rectify those errors. You don’t have answers for some things, and for some you do; that’s what life is. There is a famous saying – Don’t take success or failure to your heart. But, we do so, since after all, we are all humans. You feel happy when you are successful and cry when there’s a failure, but keep going.

Source: Hindustan Times

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