Katrina’s Krazy Koncoction!


Katrina Kaif will be seen whipping up some food in Mini Mathur’s show, The Mini Truck.

Mini says, “I told Katrina before she came on the show that even if she could not cook, people would feel happy just watching beautiful face but funnily enough she turned out to be a pro at it. I know the kind of food she likes so we made fresh pancakes but an unusual one — with fresh coconut, maple syrup, ginger and chillies. Then she made a green smoothie for everyone which I call Katrina’s Krazy Koncoction. It has banana in it and she is having it these days as a health drink. The episode turned out to be amazing. People know her as an ice maiden and glam doll but in reality she is very sweet and quite fun and lively so you will get to see a very different side of her on the show. She has opened up quite a bit about her mom and sister as she was comfortable with us. Our in house cook had made cheese dosa as that’s Katrina’s fav dish.”

The show begins with the Katrina episode.

Source: DNA

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