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Katrina Kaif will soon be seen doubling her AQ (action quotient) as she teams up with Salman Khan for Tiger Zinda Hai. The poster gives a sneak-peek of the action sequences that the film is expected to have. Here, Katrina Kaif talks about enjoying action-oriented movie outings, why she feels times are changing for women in the industry, and the possibility of a superheroine film in B-Town soon…

They say action roles are not written for actresses. Do you think that is changing now?

Obviously, that is changing. There are women doing primary action-oriented roles too. Everyone’s attempting it. It’s not that women aren’t getting action roles. Such films are written for heroines too but yes, you are right, it’s comparatively fewer in number. The men do get to do more action. But I have some really crazy action in Tiger Zinda Hai and I have trained really hard for it. I hope that they turn out well and the audiences love it.

You seem to be enjoying the action space, have you ever thought of doing an out-and-out action film?

I haven’t really liked some of the full-blown action films that I was offered in the past. I would anyway rather do 50 per cent action in a cohesive, coherent, entertaining film than doing 100 per cent of the action scenes in a film that’s completely helter-skelter, and doesn’t come together as a script. I can’t say yes to films that I’m not going to sit and watch myself. There are many films offered to me where you may have a protagonist’s role. But I have never felt so far that the stories in those films were completely put together. Also, there are some films which I let go of and I chose to do another film, which in retrospect may not have been the wisest move. But the film has to work in totality. I am not such a megalomaniac that I need to see myself in every frame.

What about an Indian superheroine?

I really think someone should make a superheroine film. It’s high time. There are so many characters in our Indian comics as well as those which can be translated and brought in a Hindi film. Look at our mythology and there are so many characters that lend beautifully to be made into a great superheroine. I really think someone should do that now, even if it’s a collaboration and not just a solo film.

Would you want to play one?

Of course, I would love to play a superheroine. Why not? I have always loved superheroines. Actually, there are quite a few characters that I personally love. There are also some discussions on this, so I won’t say too much.

Krrish 4?

No, I have not been approached for Krrish 4. Neither have I had any discussions on that. But yes, I know a few people who are planning and developing some comics like that into films. But yes, Krrish is again an excellent franchise where they also had a superheroine with Kangana’s character and I think they should definitely have the superheroine bit in it.

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